Leila Hoffman

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Leila Hoffman
Birth name Leila Rothstein
Born June 1934 (1934-06) (age 83)
Hackney, England
Medium Television, film, stand up
Nationality British
Spouse Alfred Hoffman

Leila Hoffman (née Rothstein) (born 1934 in Hackney) is an English comedian, actress and writer.

Personal life[edit]

Hoffman is the daughter of Esther (née Schaewitch) (1906–1992) and Joseph "Joe" Rothstein, both children of Russian Jews. She has one sister, Sybil Fox, who is four years her senior. In 1960, Leila married Alfred Hoffman in Brighton, where the Rothstein family had relocated to sometime after Leila's birth.

Recent work[edit]

Hoffman has recently starred in BBC Three sitcom, How Not to Live Your Life as Dot Treacher, the widowed neighbour.[1] She has also appeared in several online BBC comedy sketches with the group This is Wondervision.[2]



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  • Mrs Lambert, EastEnders "25TH ANNIVERSARY DVD", BBC TV, Jenny Darnell
  • Mrs Treacher, How Not to Live Your Life, Brown Eyed Boy for BBC Three, Martin Dennis
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  • Mrs Treacher, How Not to Live Your Life, Brown Eyed Boy for BBC Three, Gary Reich
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  • Mrs Treacher, How Not to Live Your Life, Brown Eyed Boy, Gary Reich
  • Mother, PARTY PIECES (Sketch Show), Objective Productions for E4, Paul King
  • Barry's Mum, RESPECTABLE, Silver River Productions, Dominic Brigstocke
  • Various Roles, OLD GITS, World of Wonder For BBC TV, Gary Reich
  • Old Lady in Various Sketches, THERE'S A GERMAN ON MY SUNBED (6 Eps), Granada TV, Pete Rowe
  • Aunt Vera, ACCORDING TO BEX, BBC TV, Dewi Humphreys
  • Mrs Mollionson, Bad Education, BBC Three
  • Mrs.Webster, BENEATH THE SKIN, Granada TV, Sarah Harding
  • Gladys Randall, DOCTORS & NURSES, BBC TV, Caroline Jeffries
  • Old Woman-sketches, FIFTEEN STORY'S HIGH, BBC TV, Mark Nunneley
  • Margaret, GRASS, BBC TV, Martin Dennis
  • Ricky Grover's Mad Aunt Rose, BULLA, BBC Pilot, Andrew Gillman
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  • Mrs Thingy, ROGER ROGER, BBC TV, Tony Dow
  • Various Characters, Hearts of Gold – (5 Series Regular), BBC TV, Various
  • Miss Jemima Pinkerton, VANITY FAIR, BBC TV, Diarmuid Lawrence


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