Leilani (song)

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Single by Hoodoo Gurus
from the album Stoneage Romeos
A-side "Leilani"
B-side "Leilani Pt. 2 (My Love is a Red Red Rock)"
Released October 1982
Format 7" vinyl
Recorded EMI 301 Studio, Sydney
Genre Rock
Length 4:52
Label Phantom
Writer(s) James Baker, Dave Faulkner, Roddy Radalj, Kimble Rendall
Producer(s) Le Hoodoo Gurus, Martin Fabinyi
Hoodoo Gurus singles chronology
No previous issue "Leilani"

"Leilani" was the first single by iconic[1][2] Australian rock group Hoodoo Gurus when they were called Le Hoodoo Gurus and was released on Phantom Records in October 1982.[3][4] It had been written by all four Gurus: James Baker, Dave Faulkner, Roddy Radalj and Kimble Rendall.[5] Rendall left shortly before its release and, not long after, the band dropped the 'Le' to become Hoodoo Gurus.[3] Le Hoodoo Gurus were noted for having three guitars and no bass player, creating a distinctive, layered sound. This was captured on "Leilani", which told the story of a maiden sacrificed to the gods and an erupting volcano while her true love looked on helplessly. The song was later released on Hoodoo Gurus' first album Stoneage Romeos (1984).

"Astute listeners will note the absence of bass guitar in the band... "Leilani" was based on an old 50s movie, Bird of Paradise starring Jeff Chandler..." - Dave Faulkner.[6]

Bird of Paradise (1951) is described at Internet Movie Database.

Backing vocals are ascribed to Orphan Rock and to The Three Sisters. Both The Three Sisters and Orphan Rock are geological features of The Blue Mountains near Katoomba, New South Wales.

The single was re-released by Big Time Records in 1985, as part of a limited edition collection of the band's first six singles, together with "Tojo", "My Girl", "I Want You Back, "Bittersweet", and "Like Wow - Wipeout"

"Leilani" was performed by The Living End on the 2005 tribute album Stoneage Cameos (see Stoneage Romeos); while "Leilani Part 2" was performed by The Sailors.[7]


Leilani is a beautiful maiden who went to the volcano to collect sea shells. However, despite the warnings of her lover, she still kept going. The volcano erupted and she was killed. The end of the song states her life served its purpose.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Leilani" (Faulkner, Baker, Radalj, Rendall) — 4:52
  2. "Leilani Part Two" aka "My Love is a Red Red Rock" (Faulkner)[5] — 4:00


Credited to:[3][8]


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