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Leimakhong is an ethnically diverse town in Manipur and comes under Sekmai block and Imphal West District. The town IS mostly dominated by the KHURKHUL Meiteis ethnic group but has a significant number of Gorkhas and Meiteis. There are a number of shops selling essential commodities and the villages in the hills depend on farming. It is located 20 kilometres from Imphal, the capital of Manipur. Leimakhong has a heavy-fuel based power plant of capacity 36 MW .This Power Plant was built by B.H.E.L (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited).

There is a huge army camp set up in Leimakhong (57th Mountain Division) and it occupies a large amount of land around the town. There are parks built by the army and people are seen jogging in the morning in the parks. The town also has a huge Hindu temple and festivals are celebrated in great interest. Leimakhong river is full-fledged during rainy season from June to September when it offers a pleasant taste to both eyes and ears. Winter months from October to February when temperatures fall below 5 degrees Celsius makes it a very desirable tourist resort. The wide green fields stretching all around as far as eyes can reach and the shiny blue skies and the pristine stillness all combine to make it the best spot to relax your tired nerves. Beautiful local market offers a wide range of curios in the form of local wooden crafts and locally spun and exotically colored cotton dresses that you can take away as gifts for your kin and kith.

The scenic beauty of Leimakhong is rare to come by. The Kanto and Khurkhul Meiteis are majority among the ethnic group by virtue of their existence here from time immemorial. Not many Govt offices are seen here. There is a branch of State Bank of India catering to the banking needs of the local people, the 57 Mountain Division and the surrounding areas. The State Bank of India has richly contributed to the economic growth of the town. The bank help the implementation of several governmental schemes viz. SEPUP, IRDP, PMRY, SGSY etc. Many local unemployed people have been benefited under the schemes. Business loans were also given to meet working capital requirements of many entrepreneurs and shopkeepers.