Leimebamba District

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A farmworker near Leimebamba
A farmworker near Leimebamba
Country  Peru
Region Amazonas
Province Chachapoyas
Time zone PET (UTC-5)

Leimebamba (or Leymebamba) is a district of the province of Chachapoyas, located in the northern Peruvian department of Amazonas, in the valley of the Utcubamba River, about 60 kilometers south of Chachapoyas. Leimebamba is at approximately 2,000 meters above sea level, and the area is warm with a lush tropical vegetation. Although it can rain anytime of the year, during June to September the weather tends to be dry.

To the north the District of Leimebamba is bordered by the San Francisco de Daguas District, to the east by the District of Huicungo, to the south by the District of Chuquibamba and the San Martín Region and to the west by the District of Balsas.

Leimebamba is located on a mountain near the River Utcubamba. It offers several attractive places as ruins, the Lagoon of the Condors, the Leimebamba museum. At the museum it is possible to find information about flora and fauna of the region, like the mummies of the Lagoon of the Condors and the quipus found in the area.

There are several pre-inca ruins in the region, the most famous of which is Kuelap, it surrounds Tingo, a really worthy place of admiration. In the same way, Jalca Grande; Revash, next to the Holy Bridge Tomás; The Congona, not much far from Leimebamba, amongst many other places.

The main holiday of the capital Leimebamba is celebrated on August 28, the San Augustin Day. Another important holiday for the people is Our Lady of Mount Carmel on July 16.

Leimebamba is a head office of a parish that is attended by two Priests of the Diocese of Chachapoyas.

Villages and hamlets[edit]

  • Palmira
  • Leymebamba
  • Bonda
  • Guilipe
  • Muyucsha
  • Ishpingo
  • Pomacochas
  • Cuensol
  • Dos De Mayo
  • Plaza Pampa
  • Chururco
  • Lluy
  • Llushpe
  • Puchicana
  • Checo
  • Teaben
  • Felipa
  • Miraflores
  • Santa Dionisia
  • Gramalote Rural
  • Amuch
  • Parajillo
  • Shalcapata
  • Shishuayco
  • Potrerillo
  • El Salto
  • Triguicsa
  • El Tambo
  • Shonie
  • Monticunga
  • Siogue
  • San Miguel
  • Timbo Yambo
  • Jinez
  • Las Escobas
  • Chorrera
  • Sinuno
  • Lugar Tranquilo
  • Quingrimachay
  • Ñushta
  • Torongil
  • Lajas Bamba
  • Tambillo
  • Shival
  • La Vaquería
  • Monteseco
  • La Joya
  • Tajopamba
  • Quishuar
  • Laguna-C0ndores
  • Churo Churo
  • Corral Conga
  • Pampas Verdes
  • Cabildo Pata
  • Atuen
  • El Jardín
  • Orfedon
  • Israel
  • Chilingote
  • Agua Loca
  • Conjul
  • Chinchango
  • Cashapata

The majority of the villages and hamlets of Leymebamba District is situated in the mountains, some of them are situated near the Utcubamba River.


To come to Leimebamba you should take a flight from Lima to Chiclayo, and then continue the trip by bus (between 7 and 8 hours) up to Chachapoyas. Then the bus of the locality or a taxi will take you to Leimebamba which is 60 kilometers from Chachapoyas.

Coordinates: 6°40′59″S 77°46′59″W / 6.68306°S 77.78306°W / -6.68306; -77.78306