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Leipzig Zoological Garden
Inside Gondwanaland
Date opened June 9, 1878
Location Leipzig, Germany
Coordinates 51°20′56″N 12°22′08″E / 51.349°N 12.369°E / 51.349; 12.369Coordinates: 51°20′56″N 12°22′08″E / 51.349°N 12.369°E / 51.349; 12.369
Land area 27 hectares (67 acres)[1]
Number of species ~850[1]
Annual visitors 2 million (2011)[1]
Memberships EAZA,[2] WAZA[3]
Website www.zoo-leipzig.de/en/nc/homepage

The Leipzig Zoological Garden, or the Leipzig Zoo, was opened in Leipzig, Germany on June 9, 1878. It was taken over by the city of Leipzig in 1920 after World War I and now covers about 27 hectares (67 acres) and contains approximately 850 different species.[1]

The zoo is internationally noted for its large building projects such as Pongoland (housing gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobo and orangutan) and Gondwanaland (world's largest indoor rainforest hall at 1.65 ha or 4.1 acres).[4] It has bred more than 2,000 lions, 250 rare Siberian tigers, and other carnivores like bears.[5][6] Leipzig Zoological Garden has been called the "Zoo of the future".[7]


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