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LeitWind wind turbine on Reschen Pass in Mals, South Tyrol

Leitner Group is an Italian conglomerate, based in the province of South Tyrol, that owns and runs several industrial and equipment companies.

Founded in 1888, Leitner formed Leitner Group in a reorganization in 2003. As of 2013, the group employs 3,195 people.

The businesses owned and managed by the group are:

  • Leitner Ropeways.[1] This company makes suspended cable cars, incline lifts, chairways, ropeways, and ski lifts. The company's cable car system links Tung Chung in Hong Kong’s with Ngong Ping, the Ngong Ping 360.
  • Agudio.[2] This company specializes in those lifting and transport systems which require great flexibility to adapt to the customer needs, such as to and fro cableways, funiculars, material ropeways, inclined lifts, Flyingbelt conveyors and cablecranes for the construction of dams, bridges and viaducts.
  • Prinoth manufacturers snow groomers for use at ski and recreational areas, and all-terrain vehicles after taking over the Utility Vehicles Division of Bombardier from Camoplast
  • MiniMetro designs and builds light-rail urban transit systems. The company installed one of its systems to provide light rail service to the city of Perugia, the Minimetrò.
  • DemacLenko[3] manufactures snow-making systems.
  • Leitwind[4] creates wind power systems.

With the Leitner ropeways, Prinoth and Demaclenko companies, the Group has become an established and globally unique one-stop shop for winter sports technologies since 2011.


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