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Leitner AG
Industrycable lifts
FounderGabriel Leitner
ParentLeitner Group

Leitner Ropeways is a business that manufactures and distributes products and equipment for ropeways, snow groomers, urban transportation systems, and wind energy in Italy and internationally. They offer a large variety of products, including aerial tramways, bicable and tricable ropeway, gondola ropeways and detachable(express) and fixed-grip(regular) chairlifts. The group was founded in 1888 and was recognized in 2003 to be owned by the Leitner Group. The company also provides spare parts, repairs and testing.[1]


[2] The products of the companies are made up of many different rope way related products categorized into these categories.


  • Detachable gondola lifts
  • Detachable chairlifts
  • Telemix
  • Fixed-grip chairlifts
  • Surface lifts
  • Funiculars
  • Tricable and bicable gondola lifts
  • Aerial tramways
  • Reversible gondola ropeways
  • Matherial ropeways

Non-lift transportation[edit]

  • Inclined elevators
  • MiniMeto


A Leitner ropeways gondola on display at InnoTrans 2016.
  • Leitner vehicles
  • Leitner drive system
  • Leitner control system
  • Leitner station
  • Leitner garaging system
  • Leitner line


[3] In 1888, Gabriel Leitner established the business, specializing in farm machinery, ropeways for material transportation, waterwheels and sawmills.

In 1925 It grew from a workshop employing 10 employees to a factory to produce agricultural machinery.

In 1947 the company build its first chairlift in Corvara, Italy.

In 1970, agricultural machinery production ceased, and was replaced by snow groomer engineering.

In 1980 a production plant was built.

In 1983 the LEITNER detachable grip was developed.

In 1985 the first detachable gondola lifts were made in Brunico and Valtournenche, Italy. The first 4-seater chair was made in Obereggen, Italy.

In 1999 The company Acquired Waagner Biro.

In 2003 a company-wide reorganization resulted in the Leitner Group being formed. In the same year the Leitwind wind turbine was released.

In 2008 the MiniMetro was first built in Perugia, Italy.


The company has nine sites six of which are Leitner ropeways sites.[4] The first site is the Sterzing site located in Sterzing/Vipiteno Italy and serves as their headquarters. Their second site is Sterzing-Unterackern site. This site is once again located in Sterzing/Vipiteno Italy. Thes sites house LEITNER AG / SpA. The next site is the Telfs site located in Telfs Austria. This site houses Leitner GmbH. The next site is the Montmelian Site located in Montmélian France. This site houses LEITNER FRANCE SAS. The next site is the Stará Ľubovňa site located in Poprad Slovakia. This site houses LEITECH s.r.o.. The only site located outside of Europe is the Grand Junction site, located in Grand Junction, Colorado in the United States Of America. This site is the Leitner – Poma of America, Inc. a joint venture between Leitner and Poma.[4]


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