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Società per azioni
Industry Wind Power
Founded 2003 (Brand Leitwind)[1]
Headquarters Sterzing (Vipiteno), Italy
Revenue 773 mil. (HTI 2016)
Number of employees
3,240 (HTI 2016)[1]
Website www.leitwind.com

Leitwind (stylized as LEITWIND) is a brand of the worldwide company Leitner AG. With this brand the company produce wind turbines in the megawatt class. The company's headquarter is located in Sterzing (Vipiteno), Italy and is part of the Corporate group HTI (High Technology Innovation).[1]

The Company[edit]

The Leitwind story starts with ropeways, a core expertise of Leitwind’s parent company HTI. One of the interesting features of ropeways is the electric direct drive. Its construction has proven its persuasive, safety and reliability even in difficult conditions. With the application of this technology in a wind turbine Leitwind’s first wind power system was built.[2]

The company combined the direct drive with a synchronous generator and the first prototype came out, which was installed in 2003 in Malles, South Tyrol (IT). In subsequent test runs the concept proved to be successful respect from simplified assembly and maintenance to operational reliability and profitability.[1]

In 2007 Leitwind started serial production of onshore wind turbines. By now there are plants on three different continents. Backed by intra-group synergies the company can now offer not only turbines, but also complete wind farm construction as well as operation, maintenance and service packages. Producing in Italy, Austria and India, Leitwind has installed more than 340 wind turbines.[1]


  • 2003: installation of the first prototype at Malles, Val Venost, Italy
  • 2007: start of serial production
  • 2008: opening of the new production site in Telfs, Austria
  • 2008: joint venture: LEITWIND and Shriram Group
  • 2009: opening of the new production facilities in Chennai, India
  • 2010: 100 installed turbines
  • 2011: Installation of the prototype LTW86 1.5 MW in India; development of the prototype LTW101 3.0 MW
  • 2011: 200 installed turbines
  • 2013: Installation of the prototype LTW101 3.0 MW
  • 2015: 320 installed turbines with nominal capacities ranging of 439,20 MW


With nominal capacities ranging from 0.8 MW to 3.0 MW and a wide range of rotor diameters and generators Leitwind consults its clients when choosing the best turbine for the climate, wind and terrain conditions of their particular project.[4]

Turbine types[4]

  • LTW77 - 800 / 850 / 1.000 / 1.500 KW
  • LTW80 - 1.000 / 1.500 / 1.800 KW
  • LTW86 - 1.000 / 1.500 KW
  • LTW90 - 1.000 / 1.500 / 2.000 KW
  • LTW101 - 2.000 / 2.500 / 3.000 KW


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