Lekë Dushmani

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Lekë Dushmani
Lord of Zadrima and Pult
Noble family Dushmani family

Lekë Dushmani (Latin: Lech Dusmano) was an Albanian nobleman and one of the founding members of League of Lezhë, formed on 2 March 1444.


A member of the Dushmani family he ruled over the region of Zadrima, in modern Shkodër District.[1] In Venetian documents he is also mentioned along with his relative Damian as lord of Pult in 1446.[2]

Leka joined the League of Lezhë, an alliance formed by their maternal uncle Skanderbeg, after meeting in the St. Nicholas Church in Lezhë on March 2, 1444. The other members included Lekë Zaharia, Peter Spani, Andrea Thopia, Gjergj Arianiti, Theodor Corona Musachi, Stefan Crnojević, George Strez Balšić, and their subjects.[B] Skanderbeg was elected its leader, and commander in chief of its armed forces numbering a total of 8,000 warriors.[3][4][1]

His descendants include among others Antonio, Sofoklis and Viktor Dousmanis.[5]


  1. ^ Name: Other versions of his name include: Lek Dushmani, Lek Dushman, Leccas Dusmanus, Leccha Dusmanus, Lek Dusman, etc. His given name is a diminutive of Alexander, and may also be spelled "Luka". .
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