Leliefontein massacre

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Leliefontein massacre
Location Leliefontein missionary station, Northern Cape, South Africa
Coordinates 30°18′55″S 18°5′1″E / 30.31528°S 18.08361°E / -30.31528; 18.08361 (Leliefontein)Coordinates: 30°18′55″S 18°5′1″E / 30.31528°S 18.08361°E / -30.31528; 18.08361 (Leliefontein)
Date 31 January 1902
Target Khoikhoi
Deaths 35
Perpetrators Boer forces under General Manie Maritz
Defenders Khoikhoi sympathetic to Great Britain

The Leliefontein massacre occurred at the Leliefontein mission station in the Northern Cape, South Africa on 31 January 1902. Boer leader Manie Maritz executed 35 indigenous inhabitants of the settlement as punishment for attacking his party when he went to interview the European missionaries in the town during the Second Boer War. Deneys Reitz described the attack as a "ruthless and unjustifiable act" and mentioned that Jan Smuts was displeased when he accompanied Reitz to the site of the massacre, afterward.[1]

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