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Lem may refer to:


  • 3836 Lem, an asteroid named after Stanisław Lem
  • Lem, Denmark, a municipality


Given name or nickname[edit]

  • Lemuel Lem Barney (born 1945), American football player
  • Lem Billings (1916–1981), John F. Kennedy's friend
  • Lem Burnham (born 1947), American football player
  • Lem Cross (1872–1930), American Major League Baseball player
  • George Lewis Lem Davis (1914–1970), American jazz saxophonist
  • Lemuel Davis (born 1953), American software engineer
  • Anton Lemuel Lem Dobbs (born 1959), British-American screenwriter
  • Lemuel Lem Johnson (1909–1989), American jazz saxophonist
  • Thomas Lemuel Lem Johns (1925–2014), American Secret Service agent present during the assassination of John F. Kennedy
  • Lem T. Jones, Jr. (1924–1995), American politician
  • Nguyễn Văn Lém (died 1968), Vietnamese communist guerrilla fighter
  • Lem Overpeck (1911–2003), American politician, Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota
  • Peter Mandrup Lem (baptized 1758–1828), Danish violin virtuoso and composer
  • Lem Tucker (1938–1991), American journalist
  • Lem Winchester (1928–1961), American jazz vibraphone player

Pen name[edit]

  • Charles Antoine Lemaire (1800–1871), author typically referred to as Lem
  • Huw Davies, aka Lem, British artist and author of the webcomic Bunny


Fictional entities[edit]

  • Curtis Lemansky, nicknamed Lem, a fictional character in the television series The Shield
  • Lem Van Adams, a fictional character in the television series Soul Food
  • The Lem, a fictional alien race in the Marvel Universe

Space constructions[edit]

  • Apollo Lunar Module, of the NASA moon missions, better known as the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM)
  • Lem (satellite), the first Polish scientific satellite, named after Polish science fiction writer Stanisław Lem

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