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Lemaitre 2015.jpg
Lemaitre's band members Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund performing on tour
Background information
Origin Oslo, Norway
Years active 2010 (2010)–present
Labels Astralwerks
Website LemaitreMusic.com
  • Ketil Jansen
  • Ulrik Denizou Lund

Lemaitre (pronounced French: [ləmɛtʁ]) is a Norwegian indie electronic duo hailing from Oslo. The duo consists of members Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund,[1] who met originally as schoolmates in Lillehammer, in southeastern Norway.[2] Jansen and Lund came together to form Lemaitre on 20 June 2010.[3] Lemaitre currently lives in Los Angeles, California.[4]

Since the duo's inception in summer 2010,[3] Lemaitre has released a number of EPs, including the Relativity Series: Relativity 1, 2, 3 and Relativity by Nite; The Friendly Sound; and Singularity.[5]

The duo released their seventh EP, 1749, on 29 January 2016.[6]


2010–2014: Formation and early years[edit]

Lemaitre's logo, used in almost every EP made by them as a means of visual identification

During an interview, Lund and Jansen explained that the band is named after Georges Lemaître, a Belgian priest who first proposed the Big Bang Theory and derived the physics concept now referred to as Hubble's Law.[7] In a 2014 music discovery piece with Interview magazine,[8] Jansen further added, "[Lemaitre] means 'master' in French", though the pair were unaware of this when first choosing a name for the project.

Lemaitre's first track was titled "Momentum",[9] now dating 7 years since its initial release. This track was one of two tracks released prior to releasing their debut EP, The Friendly Sound—the other being "Primeval Atom".[10]

Relativity series[edit]

Lemaitre is most commonly recognized for their series of EPs: the Relativity Series.[11] This series consists of the following EPs: Relativity 1, Relativity 2, Relativity 3, and Relativity By Nite. The duo was praised for their use of all original samples.[12]

Relativity By Nite was differed from most of Lemaitre's previous EPs in that it was longer in comparison to previous EP releases and almost entirely consisted of unheard remixes and instrumental pieces.[13]

Lemaitre's third EP and second in the Relativity Series, Relativity 2, topped the Canadian charts and US iTunes electronic albums category during May of 2012. The EP went to top charts across a number of countries, placing #3 in Switzerland, #8 in Australia and #10 in France. Worldwide, Relativity 2 charted at #4 in iTunes' Pop category.[14]

Joining Astralwerks[edit]

In January 2014, the duo signed to Astralwerks Records: home to notable acts, including Daft Punk, whom Lemaitre has previously referenced as a significant source of inspiration for the group's music style.[15] Consequently, Lemaitre had the opportunity to work on remixes for other Astralwerks artists, such as Porter Robinson. Jansen and Lund are credited and featured on the song "Polygon Dust" from Porter Robinson's album, Worlds.[16][17]

Furthermore, Lemaitre mentioned that the 'choice [to join Astralwerks] felt right', especially given that the label was home to some their own "sonic heroes", namely Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers.[18]

2014–present: 1749[edit]

On 29 January 2016, the duo released their seventh EP, 1749.[6] The name "1749" was inspired by the home[19] Lemaitre has been living in during their time in Los Angeles—which also serves as a low budget–home studio for the pair. The home was previously owned by famed American rapper and producer Dr. Dre during the 1990s.[20]

Following the release of 1749, Lemaitre embarked on a short 7-city European tour during February, including a stop in their homeland in Oslo, Norway. During this time, the music video for the song "Stepping Stone" featuring artist Mark Johns, a member of Skrillex's OWSLA creative collective, was released on February 18, 2016.[21]

Jansen and Lund have appeared in festivals such as Coachella in April[22][23] and Findings Festival at Norway in the late summer.

Appearances in media[edit]

Several of Lemaitre's songs were featured mainstream media adverts. The song "1:18" from Lemaitre's debut EP, The Friendly Sound appeared in Apple's product advert "Designed Together",[24][25] which showcased the then newly released iPhone 5c's fluent integration with the iOS7 mobile operating system. Additionally, on 4 February 2016, Lemaitre's song "Cut To Black" received worldwide attention on Facebook for Facebook's 12th Anniversary, which came to be known as "Friends' Day", a feature that compiled of photos and memories commemorating friendship into user-specific videos.[26][27]

In March 2016,[28] it was announced that Lemaitre, along with other musical acts AlunaGeorge and Broiler, were collaborating with video game Minecraft to "perform a show in the game setting", as a part of Norwegian game conference The Gathering. The event provided users with the unique experience of a concert "simultaneously recreated within the Minecraft world [...] Just like a real concert[.]" This event was considered as the world's "first live Minecraft concert,".[29]

On 4 October 2016, their song "Closer" was played in a video for the newly launched Google Pixel phone.[30]


Extended plays (EPs)[edit]

The Friendly Sound[edit]

Title Duration Artist(s) Order Ref
"The Friendly Sound" 4:04 Lemaitre Track 1 [31]
"Nishio" 3:34 Lemaitre Track 2 [32]
"Blue Shift" 4:01 Lemaitre Track 3 [33]
"Strobes Pt. 2" 3:50 Lemaitre Track 4 [34]
"1:18" 3:49 Lemaitre Track 5 [35]

Relativity 1[edit]

Title Duration Artist(s) Order Ref
"Appreciate" 3:23 Lemaitre Track 1 [36]
"Coffee Table" 3:20 Lemaitre Track 2 [37]
"Sceptics" 4:12 Lemaitre Track 3 [38]
"The End" 6:02 Lemaitre Track 4 [39]

Relativity 2[edit]

Title Duration Artist(s) Order Ref
"Keep Close" 4:14 Lemaitre Track 1 [40]
"Time to Realize" 3:30 Lemaitre Track 2 [41]
"Splitting Colors" 3:58 Lemaitre Track 3 [42]
"Steady State" 3:09 Lemaitre Track 4 [43]
"Appreciate (Uppermost Remix)" 4:46 Lemaitre, Uppermost Track 5 [44]

Relativity 3[edit]

Title Duration Artist(s) Order Ref
"Continuum" 4:47 Lemaitre Track 1 [45]
"Iron Pyrite" 3:39 Lemaitre Track 2 [46]
"Fiction" 3:53 Lemaitre Track 3 [47]
"Cut to Black" 3:21 Lemaitre Track 4 [48]

Relativity By Nite[edit]

Title Duration Artist(s) Order Ref
"Sceptics (Club Mix)" 4:30 Lemaitre Track 1 [49]
"Fiction (Club Mix)" 4:29 Lemaitre Track 2 [50]
"Splitting Colors (Club Mix)" 5:48 Lemaitre Track 3 [51]
"Cut to Black (Instrumental)" 3:21 Lemaitre Track 4 [52]
"Continuum (Fehrplay Remix)" 6:54 Lemaitre, Fehrplay Track 5 [53]
"Continuum (Ghost of Venice Remix)" 5:31 Lemaitre, Ghost of Venice Track 6 [54]
"Continuum (Josef Bamba Remix)" 6:15 Lemaitre, Josef Bamba Track 7 [55]
"Splitting Colors (Louis La Roche Remix)" 4:32 Lemaitre, Louis La Roche Track 8 [56]
"Fiction (Mullaha Remix)" 3:22 Lemaitre, Mullaha Track 9 [57]


Title Duration Artist(s) Order Ref
"High Tide" 3:27 Lemaitre Track 1 [58]
"Wait (feat. LOLO)" 4:03 Lemaitre, LOLO Track 2 [59]
"Go" 3:04 Lemaitre Track 3 [60]
"All I Need (feat. Chuck Inglish)" 3:42 Lemaitre, Chuck Inglish Track 4 [61]

Singularity (Remixed)[edit]

Title Duration Artist(s) Order Ref
"High Tide (Oliver Nelson & Tobtok Remix)" 4:05 Lemaitre, Oliver Nelson, Tobtok Track 1 [62]
"All I Need (feat. Chuck Inglish) [Prince Fox Remix]" 2:54 Lemaitre, Chuck Inglish, Prince Fox Track 2 [63]
"All I Need (Nebbra Remix)" 3:32 Lemaitre, Nebbra Track 3 [64]
"Wait (feat. LOLO) [Danrell Remix]" 3:34 Lemaitre, LOLO, Danrell Track 4 [65]
"Wait (feat. LOLO) [Lindsay Lowend Remix]" 2:42 Lemaitre, LOLO, Lindsay Lowend Track 5 [66]
"Wait (feat. LOLO) [Elephante Remix]" 4:11 Lemaitre, LOLO, Elephante Track 6 [67]


No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Not Too Late"  
  • Ketil Jansen
  • Ulrik Denizou Lund
  • Lemaitre
2. "Stepping Stone" (featuring Mark Johns)
  • Jansen
  • Lund
  • Naomie Abergel
  • Lemaitre
3. "Closer" (featuring Jennie A)
  • Jansen
  • Lund
  • Jennie Abrahamson
  • Jennifer Hirsh
  • Lemaitre
4. "Day Two"  
  • Jansen
  • Lund
  • Markus Ekrem Neby
  • Lemaitre
5. "Playing To Lose" (featuring Giraffage)
  • Lemaitre


No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Playing To Lose" (featuring Stanaj)
  • Ketil Jansen
  • Ulrik Denizou Lund
  • Evan Bogart
  • Otis English
  • Albert Stanaj
  • Lemaitre
2. "We Got U" (with The Knocks)
3. "Haze" (featuring Phoebe Ryan)
  • Lemaitre
4. "Last Night On Earth"  
  • Jansen
  • Lund
  • Johannes Greeve Muskat
  • Lemaitre
Total length: 16:00

Non-album singles[edit]

Title Duration Artist(s) Ref
"Momentum" 2:21 Lemaitre [68]
"Primeval Atom" 2:26 Lemaitre [69]
"Unclouded Judgment" 3:39 Lemaitre [70]
"Fossil Fuels" 4:10 Lemaitre [71]
"Come Again" 2:14 Lemaitre [72]


Year Artist Track
2012 Lo-Fi-Fnk "Kissing Taste"
2013 Porter Robinson, Mat Zo "Easy"
Netsky "We Can Only Live Today (Puppy)"
2014 Martin Solveig "Hey Now feat. Kyle"
2015 Uppermost "Angels"
2015 Madeon, Passion Pit "Pay No Mind"

Guest appearances[edit]

Title Year Other performer(s) Album
"Excuse Me" [73] 2011 Various Kitsuné Maison Compilation 12: The Good Fun Issue
"Dreamcatcher" 2013 Camo & Krooked Zeitgeist
"Polygon Dust" 2014 Porter Robinson Worlds

Music videos and filmography[edit]

Title Year Director(s)
"Unclouded Judgment" 2010 Johannes Greve Muskat (JGM) [74]
"Come Again"
Across the Baltic 2011
"Appreciate" 2012
"Coffee Table"
"The End"
"Time to Realize"
"Keep Close"
"Continuum" 2013
"Cut to Black"
"Wait" 2014
"Closer" 2015
"Closer" [UK Version]
"We Got U" 2016


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