Lemon Slice Nebula

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Lemon slice nebula
IC 3568 "Lemon Slice".jpg
Image of Lemon Slice Nebula based on HST data
Observation data
(Epoch )
Right ascension 12h 33m 06s
Declination +82°34’00”
Distance Roughly 4.5 kly
Apparent magnitude (V) 12.3
Constellation Camelopardalis
Physical characteristics
Radius Core: 0.4 ly
Notable features Resemblance to a Lemon
Other designations IC 3568
See also: Planetary nebula, Lists of nebulae

The Lemon slice nebula, also known as IC 3568, is a planetary nebula that is 1.3 kiloparsecs (4500 ly) away from Earth in the constellation of Camelopardalis (just 7.5 degrees from Polaris). It is a relatively young nebula and has a core diameter of only about 0.4 light years.[1][2] The Lemon slice nebula is one of the most simple nebulae known, with an almost perfectly spherical morphology. It appears very similar to a lemon, for which it is named. The core of the nebula does not have a distinctly visible structure in formation and is mostly composed of ionized helium.[3] The central star is a very hot and bright asymptotic red giant, and can be seen as a red-orange hue in an amateur's telescope.[4] A faint halo of interstellar dust surrounds the nebula.

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