Lemon tart

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Lemon tart
Lemon tart (cropped).jpg
Type Tart
Place of origin France
Main ingredients Pastry shell, lemon paste
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A lemon tart is a dessert dish, a variety of tart. It has a pastry shell with a lemon flavored filling.

In the UK, lemon tart (also called tarte au citron) consists of a pastry case (often made in a fluted tart tin) containing a baked lemon custard (usually composed of eggs, sugar, lemon juice and cream). Usually recipes include blind-baking before adding the custard. Sometimes the tart is dusted with icing sugar prior to serving.[1][2][3][4]

Alternatively, the lemon filling can be cooked in a saucepan and then added to the baked pastry case.[5]

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