Lemonade (Mucky Pup album)

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Mucky Pup Lemonade.jpg
Studio album by Mucky Pup
Released 1993
Recorded 1992
Genre Heavy metal, hard rock, alternative metal, hardcore punk, groove metal, alternative rock, punk rock
Label Century Media Records
Producer Glen Cummings, Kevin Powers and Chris Milnes
Mucky Pup chronology
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(1992)Act of Faith1992
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(1995)Five Guys in a Really Hot Garage1995

Lemonade is the fourth studio album by Mucky Pup. It was released in 1993, and was the last record for Century Media Records. This album saw the band's style change by moving away from their comedic humorous songs into a more aggressive yet melodic sound. Since Dan Nastasi and Christopher "Junior" LaPlante left the band, John Milnes moved to guitar, Kevin Powers became the band's drummer, and piano and synthesizer were added. The album also saw the return of Marc DeBacker on bass. Glen Cummings from Scatterbrain became a co-producer for the band, and also played guitar on two songs.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Own Up For What You Say" - 4:30
  2. "Junkie Eyes" - 3:26
  3. "Three Sides" - 3:37
  4. "Beautiful People" - 3:43
  5. "Mountain Song" - 3:07
  6. "The T.V.'s On Fire" - 2:25
  7. "Deja Vu" - 5:44
  8. "Two Little Men" - 3:49
  9. "If Wishes Were Fishes" - 4:06
  10. "Confessions" - 3:03
  11. "Mountain Song 2" - 2:56
  12. "Darkwave Sleeps" - 1:54


  • Artwork, design, computer graphics by David Bornguesser
  • Assistant engineer – Rick Deardorff
  • Mastered by Chris Gerringer
  • Artwork, design - Chris Milnes
  • Recorded & mixed by Ben Elliot