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Lemonsoda is an Italian carbonated lemon soft drink created in the 1940s by Milan-based company Saga.

In the following years Oransoda (orange flavor) and Pelmosoda (grapefruit flavor), joined the original line, although the Lemonsoda remained the most popular one. In 1980 the brand was sold to Crodo, which became part of the Campari Group in 1999. During the 2003/2004 season Lemonsoda was the official sponsor of Lecce football club. In 2005, Tonicsoda (a tonic water) was the first product line born under the brand Campari. In 2010 two versions of traditional Lemonsoda: Lemonsoda Zero, (sugarless) and the Mojito-Soda, a non-alcoholic cocktail made with lemon juice and mint flavor, were placed on the market.


Lemonsoda is a song and a video clip by Paolo Zanaboni. Lemonsoda is also quoted in some other songs like Carmen Consoli's "'A finestra", Charley Jordan's "Keep It Clean" and Mickey Factz's "Freaky Girl".

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