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The Lemos family was a prominent Greek ship owning family which has been involved in shipping since the 18th century. From 1860 to 1914 the family owned 52 vessels.

Historical highlights[edit]

  • In 1905, Capt. Christos M. Lemos was co-owner and first Master of the Marietta Ralli, which Greek shipping lore has commemorated as the first steamship owned by seafarers from Oinousses, one of the country's foremost maritime islands.
  • In recognition of their contribution to the war effort, the family was a recipient of one of the famous 100 Liberty Vessels [1][2][3] which restored the fortunes of the Greek merchant fleet in the aftermath of the Second World War.
  • Another touchstone of family pride is Capt. Leon C. Lemos, founder of Efploia Shipping, one of the most renowned Greek shipowners in the 1970s and 1980s.
  • After selling off 15 of his 17 vessels in 1980 just prior to the crash, Capt. Lemos re-entered the market in 1985 while conditions were still at a low ebb, ordering a series of 10 bulkers from Hyundai Heavy Industries.
  • Even though most of the Lemos family still live in Greece, a substantial amount now reside in multi-million pound houses in London's Mayfair and St. John's Wood Districts.

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