Len Cantello Testimonial Match

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Len Cantello Testimonial Match
  • West Bromwich Albion XI v Cyrille Regis & Laurie Cunningham XI
  • Whites vs. Blacks
Len Cantello testimonial match programme cover.jpg
DateMay 15, 1979 (1979-05-15)
VenueThe Hawthorns, West Bromwich, Sandwell, England
RefereeJohn D. Hough

The Len Cantello Testimonial Match, (West Bromwich Albion XI v Cyrille Regis & Laurie Cunningham XI), was a testimonial football match that took place in May 1979 to celebrate West Bromwich Albion player Len Cantello, who played for the club over 300 times between 1968 and 1979. The teams were selected based on the colour of the players' skin. The West Bromwich Albion XI was composed of white players while the Cyrille Regis & Laurie Cunningham XI was composed of black players.[1]

The West Brom XI team featured Tony Godden, Paddy Mulligan, Derek Statham, Tony Brown, John Wile, Bryan Robson, Johnny Giles, John Trewick, Alistair Brown, Len Cantello, David Mills, David Stewart, Martyn Bennett and Kevin Summerfield.

The Cyrille Regis & Laurie Cunningham XI featured Ian Benjamin (Sheffield United), Vernon Hodgson (West Bromwich Albion – a trialist[2]), Brendon Batson (West Bromwich Albion), Derek Richardson (QPR), Stewart Phillips (Hereford United), George Berry (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Bob Hazell (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Garth Crooks (Stoke City), Winston White (Hereford Utd), Cyrille Regis (West Bromwich Albion), Laurie Cunningham (West Bromwich Albion), Remi Moses (West Bromwich Albion), Valmore Thomas (Hereford United). Benjamin, Phillips, Crooks and White would go on to sign for West Bromwich Albion later during their playing career. Roger Palmer was expected to play but was not available.

Match details[edit]

Line up according to the match programme.

West Bromwich XI2–3Cyrille Regis & Laurie Cunningham XI
Robson Goal
Al. Brown Goal
Cunningham Goal
Crooks Goal
Phillips Goal
The Hawthorns
Attendance: 7,023[3]
Referee: John D. Hough (Macclesfield)
GK England Tony Godden
RB Republic of Ireland Paddy Mulligan
CB England John Wile
LB England Derek Statham
RM England Tony Brown
MF England Len Cantello (c)
MF England Bryan Robson
MF Republic of Ireland Johnny Giles
LM England John Trewick
CF England Alistair Brown
CF England David Mills
GK Scotland David Stewart
CB England Martyn Bennett
CF England Kevin Summerfield
GK England Derek Richardson
RB England Brendon Batson
CB Wales George Berry
CB England Larry May
LB England Bob Hazell
RM England Winston White
CM England Remi Moses
CM England Vernon Hodgson[4]
LM England Laurie Cunningham
CF England Garth Crooks
CF England Cyrille Regis (c)
DF England Valmore Thomas[4]
CF England Ian Benjamin[4]
CF England Stewart Phillips[1]


The match was the basis of a BBC documentary entitled Whites Vs Blacks: How Football Changed A Nation.[5] The documentary was aired on BBC Two on 27 November 2016.[1]


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