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Lenard Raphael Troncale (born 1943) is an American biologist, Professor of Cellular and Molecular Biology, and former Director of the Institute for Advanced Systems Studies at the California State Polytechnic University.[1]

Life and work[edit]

Troncale studied at the Catholic University of America from 1966 to 1970, and received his Ph.D. in 1970 in Molecular Biology. He started working at the Department of Biology at the California State University. Later in the 1970s he became Professor Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Director of the Institute for Advanced Systems Studies at the California State Polytechnic University. In 1990-91 he served as president of the International Society for the Systems Sciences.

Troncale's research interests are in the fields of Cellular and Molecular Biology; Systems Science; Biosystems Allometry; Biohierarchies; Molecular Evolution; Theory of Systems Emergence; Proteins of the chromosome scaffold and nuclear matrix of eo-eukaryotes; Organization and function of the nucleus; Theoretical models of cell differentiation.[2]


Troncale has written and edited several books, articles and research papers. Books:

  • 1972. Origins of hierarchies by the action of systems field axioms. Pomona : Publisher Pomona, Calif., California State Polytechnic University.
  • 1982. Systems science and science : proceedings of the twenty-sixth annual meeting of the Society for General Systems Research with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, D.C., January 5–9, 1982. Edited. Louisville, KY. : Society for General Systems Research.
  • 1982. A General Survey of Systems Methodology. (Ed.) Louisville KY: Society for General Systems Research, January 1982.
  • 1984. The Tao of Systems Science: Systems Science of the Tao. Pomona : Institute for Advanced Systems Studies, Calif. State Univ.
Articles and research papers. A selection
  • 1978. "Linkage Propositions Between Fifty Principle Systems Concepts", in: Applied General Systems Research, ed. George Klir, pp. 29–52, Plenum, New York.
  • 1979. "The Ecological Imperative: Emergence of Meta-Humans" in: Searching for Civilization: The Humanities and Technology in The Formation of Public Policy. Pomona : Calif. State Polytechnic Univ. pp. 60–93.
  • 1980. "Emergence of Meta-Humans", in: Searching for Civilization, pp. 60–93, Calif. St. Polytech., Pomona.
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