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Lenford "Steve" Harvey (1975?–2005) was a leader in the Jamaican HIV/AIDS community, and led several programs to assist people living with HIV/AIDS, and to promote safer-sex education and AIDS awareness in Jamaica.

In 1997, Steve Harvey began working for Jamaica AIDS Support (JAS), later Jamaica AIDS Support for Life.

In 2005, he was selected as LACCASO's (Latin America and Caribbean Council of AIDS Service Organizations) project coordinator for Jamaica.


On the evening of 30 November 2005, at approximately 1:00am, Harvey and his roommates were robbed at gunpoint in their home, his roommates were bound, and Harvey was abducted. A gunman reportedly yelled "We hear that you are gay" to the trio.[1] Harvey's body was found two hours later, early the next morning, a few miles in the hills overlooking Kingston, with gunshot wounds in his head and back.

Steve Harvey's killing has resulted in a far-reaching public outcry against the government of Jamaica, which has been accused of ignoring violence against homosexuals. Several organizations, including the United Nations have demanded a thorough investigation of the homicide. In March 2006, four people were charged with the killing. [2]

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