Lengenbach Quarry

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The small village of Binn and its valley.

The Lengenbach Quarry (LGB) is located in the Binn Valley (Valais, Switzerland) and it is noted among the mineralogical community for its unusual sulfosalt specimens.


The dolomite deposit of LGB is located in the Binn Valley, a small valley in the southwest of Switzerland in the Swiss canton of Valais. To its south lies Italy.

Sphalerite crystal on Dolomite, Lengenbach. Photo and Coll. J. Rosell


The mineralogy has been studied for nearly 200 years. Lengenbach is the type locality for 31 minerals.[1]


Coordinates: 46°22′00″N 8°11′30″E / 46.36667°N 8.19167°E / 46.36667; 8.19167