Lenin in 1918

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Lenin in 1918
(Ленин в 1918 году)
Lenin in 1918.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Mikhail Romm
Release date
  • 1939 (1939)
Running time
131 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Lenin in 1918 (Russian: Ленин в 1918 году, Lenin v 1918 godu) is a 130-minute-long Soviet propaganda film released in 1939. It gives the background of the Russian Civil War after the October Revolution.[1]

The film was directed by Mikhail Romm with E. Aron and I. Simkov as co-directors. The script was written by Aleksei Kapler together with Taisiya Zlatogorova.

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The shooting started on August 10th 1938 and lasted for eighty-seven days. Shchukin never saw Lenin in real life, but he did intense research, immsersing himself in everything related to him. During the production of "Lenin in 1918" Boris Shchukin constantly suffered from ill health. Exactly six months after his appearance in the film and while a sequel was being developed Shchukin died.[1]


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