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Leninskaya Line
Krasny Prospekt
Ploshchad Lenina
Rechnoy Vokzal
Ploshchad Marksa
Ploshchad Stanislavskogo

Leninskaya Line (Russian: Ле́нинская), is a line of the Novosibirsk Metro. The line was opened along with the Metro in 1986 with the original five station segment. Since then it slowly expanded. The line bisects the city of a Northwest-Southeast axis before making a 90 degree turn and crossing the river Ob river on a closed bridge. The financial difficulties of the early 1990s delayed the extensions.


Segment Date opened
Krasniy Prospekt-Studencheskaya 7 January 1986
Studencheskaya-Ploshchad Marksa 26 July 1991
Krasniy Prospekt-Zaeltsovskaya 2 April 1992


# Transfer to At
2 Dzerzhinskaya Line Krasniy Prospekt

Rolling stock[edit]

The line is served by the city's single depot Eltsovskoe, and currently 18 four carriage 81-717/714 trains are assigned to it.

Recent developments and future plans[edit]

With the financial situation stabilised, the line will continue to expand in both directions. The first one will be Ploshchad Stanislavskogo in 2015 and then onto Permskaya and Yuzhnaya in 2019. On the opposite end three stations are planned for opening after 2021 Botanicheskiy Sad, Severnaya, Aviatsionnaya. Also between stations Rechnoi Vokzal and Studencheskaya, a provision of another surface level station Sportivnaya exists.