Leninsky District, Belarus

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Lieninski (Ленінскі)
District of Minsk
Dinamo Stadium
Dinamo Stadium
Location of Lieninski (Ленінскі)
Country Belarus Belarus
Voblast Flag of Minsk Voblast.svg Minsk
Municipality Coat of Arms of Minsk, Belarus.png Minsk
 • Total 26 km2 (10 sq mi)
Population (2009) 215,151
 • Density 8,275/km2 (21,430/sq mi)
District number 6
Website Official website

Lieninski District (Belarusian: Ленінскі, Russian: Ленинский) is an adiministrative subdivision of the city of Minsk, Belarus. It was named after Vladimir Lenin.[1]


The district is situated in the south-central area of the city and borders with Centraĺny, Partyzanski, Zavodski, Kastryčnicki and Maskoŭski districts.


Lieninski is served by subway and tram networks. It is also crossed by the beltway "MKAD".

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  1. ^ (Russian) Leninsky Raion, Minsk administration website

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Coordinates: 53°57′04″N 27°30′37″E / 53.9510°N 27.5102°E / 53.9510; 27.5102