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The Lenne in Iserlohn-Letmathe.
Country Germany
Basin features
Main source Sauerland
819 m (2,687 ft)
River mouth Ruhr
51°24′54″N 7°29′31″E / 51.41500°N 7.49194°E / 51.41500; 7.49194Coordinates: 51°24′54″N 7°29′31″E / 51.41500°N 7.49194°E / 51.41500; 7.49194
Basin size 1,353 km2 (522 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 128 km (80 mi)
  • Average rate:
    25 m3/s (880 cu ft/s)

The Lenne River is a tributary of the Ruhr River, and has caused flooding in recent years.[1]

Having its source on top of the Kahler Asten near Winterberg in an intermittent spring at an elevation of 2,687 feet, the Lenne ends after a course of 128 km flowing into the Ruhr river near the city of Hagen. With an average discharge of 25 m³/s near its mouth, it is the main tributary of the Ruhr.[citation needed]


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