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Lenny Letter
Lenny Logo 2016.png
Editor Jessica Grose
Deputy Editor Laia Garcia
Editor at Large Mikki Halpin
Publisher Condé Nast
Founder Lena Dunham
Jennifer Konner
Year founded 2015
First issue October 23, 2015 (2015-October-23)
Country United States
Language English
Website LennyLetter.com

Lenny Letter, also known as Lenny, is a weekly online feminist newsletter created by Lena Dunham and Jennifer Konner.[1] Lenny also has a book imprint called Lenny Books on Random House.[2]


In September 2015, Dunham and Konner started Lenny Letter as a self-funded project that would give a platform to young female voices to discuss feminist issues.[3][4][5] The newsletter features political essays, personal stories, interviews, artwork and even an advice column from Dunham and Konner themselves called "Letters to Lenny".[6] Benjamin Cooley is the CEO.[7] Laia Garcia has been Deputy Editor since July 2015.[8]

Notable articles include an essay written by actress Jennifer Lawrence about the gender wage gap in Hollywood,[9] and one written by singer Alicia Keys about her decision to start wearing little to no make-up.[10]

Lenny Letter was supported by Hearst Corporation advertising.[11] As of December 2017, it is now supported by Condé Nast.[12]

In addition to the regular newsletter, Lenny Letter published a Fiction Issue and a Poetry Issue during fall 2015. Lenny Letter is developing a possible HBO short film series.[13]

In July 2017, Lenny Letter announced its first Lenny book imprint with Random House, writer Jenny Zhang's short story collection, Sour Heart.[2][14][15][16]

In November 2017, following Dunham and Konner's controversial letter denouncing Aurora Perrineau's accusation of sexual assault by Murray Miller, Zinzi Clemmons announced that she would no longer contribute to the newsletter, saying Dunham's racism was "well-known" and called for all women of color to "divest" from Dunham.[17]


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