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Lent, in Western Christianity, the period before the Christian holy day of Easter.

Lent may also refer to:

Christian observances[edit]

  • Great Lent, in Eastern Christianity, the period that corresponds to Western Lent
  • Jack o' Lent, an event in Medieval England involving the burning of an effigy of Judas Iscariot made of straw and rags
  • Lent Event, community based Christian social justice movement
  • Lent in Malta, numerous religious traditions, most of them inherited from one generation to the next, that are part of the Paschal celebrations in the Maltese Islands


People with the surname[edit]

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • "Buddhist Lent", a commonly used term for Vassa, or Rains Retreat, a three-month annual retreat observed by Theravada practitioners in Burma, which takes place during the wet season
  • Lent term, spring academic term at certain British universities


  • Lent Bumps or Lents, a set of rowing races held annually Cambridge

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