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Lenzie Academy
Lenzie Academy - geograph.org.uk - 882184.jpg
Myrtle Avenue,


Type Comprehensive school

Ditior Quia Doctior

(Richer through learning)
Established 1886
School district East Dunbartonshire
Head Teacher Brian Paterson since 2011[1]
Faculty 101[2]
Grades S1 to S6
Number of students 1167 in 2016[3]
Yearbook Lenzie Academy Yearbook
Affiliations Auchinloch Primary School
Lairdsland Primary School
Lenzie Meadow Primary School
Millersneuk Primary School

Lenzie Academy is a co-educational comprehensive secondary school located in Lenzie, East Dunbartonshire, Scotland. The catchment area covers Lenzie, Auchinloch and southern parts of Kirkintilloch.

Senior Management Team[edit]

The school is managed by a Senior Management Team, composed of the Head Teacher and six Deputy Head Teachers, each in charge of a year group. The most recently published team membership was for 2014/2015 and consisted of:[4]

  • Brian Paterson, Head Teacher
  • Morag Elliott, Deputy Head Teacher (S6)
  • Jeanie Robertson, Deputy Head Teacher (S5)
  • Fiona Clyne, Deputy Head Teacher (S4)
  • Neil Farquhar, Deputy Head Teacher (S3)
  • Robyn Sinclair, Acting Deputy Head Teacher (S2)
  • Karrie Munro, Deputy Head Teacher (S1)

School roll[edit]

The most recently reported school roll is 1296, taught by a teaching staff of 101.[2] The S1 intake cap is 240, based on an average annual first year intake of eight classes of approximately thirty pupils each, mostly coming from four associated primary schools, namely Auchinloch, Millersneuk, Lairdsland and Lenzie Meadow Primary. Approximately 40% of the total roll are from outside the catchment area, attending as placing requests. The S1 rolls have slightly reduced in recent years and in early 2012 the reported 2012/2013 intake was 226 pupils, consisting of 125 from the zoned area and 101 through placing requests.[5] The total school roll has been falling every year for the last 8 years with the 2011/2012 figure being 25 pupils lower than the previous years 1321 pupils.[6]


School year School roll S1 intake S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 Placing requests Sources
2004/2005 1431 236 258 256 250 242 189 [7]
2005/2006 1387 237 238 260 253 227 172 122 [8]
2006/2007 1380 235 237 240 262 242 164 [9]
2007/2008 1362 239 232 240 236 244 171 [10]
2008/2009 1358 238 238 238 242 215 187 [11]
2009/2010 1334 235 237 238 233 217 174 109 [12][13]
2010/2011 1321 204 232 229 235 221 200 92 [6][14]
2011/2012 1296 103 [2][14]
2012/2013 1269 220 212 212 232 204 189 102 [5][15]
2013/2014 1238


2014/2015 1231
2016/2017 1167 184 217 191 190 222 163 [3]

Historical Alcohol/Drugs controversies[edit]

In October 1995, two 12-year-old boys were suspended for dealing with drugs. It followed a string of other drug-related incidents. In 1994, a 16-year-old was expelled for drug dealing, then re-admitted. Also that year, four pupils were suspended over claims of drug taking, and a 15-year-old boy was arrested outside school and charged with possessing cannabis."[17] Eight pupils who smoked cannabis on a school trip to Alton Towers were suspended for a fortnight following a disciplinary hearing at the school in June 1998.[18]

Bullying/Gang issues[edit]

The school has also received continuing attention for problems with gangs/bullying as well as knife crime.[19][20][21]

In 2016 a boy of 14 was reported to the police after a knife incident at the school. [22]

The suicide of Nicola Anne Raphael, a pupil at Lenzie Academy, in 2001 was heavily covered in local and national press and came after Nicola had suffered years of bullying.

Further controversies[edit]


In 2007/2008 a controversial fingerprinting scheme was piloted at the school before being introduced to schools across east Dunbartonshire. Parents raised concerns about the fingerprint identity scheme before it was rolled-out to other secondary schools. One father said: "Most people associate fingerprinting with suspected criminals...I'd like to know how much this is costing. Surely the money could be used for more important things." A mum also told the Herald that she wanted her daughter to be opted out of the scheme saying:"It seems like a 'Big Brother' scenario with pupils being monitored."[23] SNP MSP Gil Paterson also has questions about the system and is planning to raise the matter in Holyrood. At a parent council forum meeting in 2009, parents representing all six schools next in line for the scheme voted for caution, refusing to give the system their backing until a consultation process is carried out.[24]

Leavers' Ball[edit]

In 2010 parents of S6 pupils were left not knowing, even on the day before it was to take place, whether the 2010 leavers' dinner would go ahead after more than 100 pupils were excluded from the school on their last day for wearing shorts. The parents criticised the school for its treatment of their offspring, who were even barred from attending their leavers' presentation lunch, and said the school had not told them what took place. One parent said: "We feel as if we are being left in the dark. As a parent I still have not had any communication about what happened on the day or about the leavers' dinner...We have already paid 65 for my son to attend the leavers' dinner, but we are not sure if he can go." Over 100 pupils were prevented from entering the school gates on their final day of term on 7 May 2010, senior teaching staff in their cars then followed the students to guarantee they did not return. [25]

Music teacher campaign[edit]

In December 2011 pupils mobilised in an attempt to stop a popular music teacher Jennifer Hay being transferred to a new post at Boclair Academy. Over 500 pupils and parents signed the petition, "Let the Hay Stay", which was also posted online. One student spoke to the local newspaper: “Moving Miss Hay is going to be a huge loss for the music department. She’s an inspiration and is able to influence pupils to achieve their best in such a positive way. Miss Hay has had such a big impact on the school since she joined the academy.”[26]

Also in December 2011 local MP Jo Swinson led calls to allow elected representatives the right to hold lunchtime surgeries for pupils in schools after a move to establish a midday meeting at Lenzie Academy was opposed. Swinson hit out at their refusal, and claimed that her younger constituents' rights were being suppressed:“Just because people under 18 cannot vote does not mean that they shouldn’t have a say in politics. While I’m always available to hear constituent concerns during my weekly surgeries, it‘s important that pupils have a chance to have their voices heard on their own ground, in an environment where they feel confident and assured.”[27][28]

School buildings[edit]

The current red brick Academy building was built in 1960 and extensions have been added to it over the years.[29][30] The original school building dating from when the Academy was founded in 1886 has since served as Lenzie Primary school.[31][32] More than 110 years after opening the school admitted its first physically disabled student in 1996 which mean the school had to install a lift and ramps to make the whole building accessible.[33][34][35] In recent years facilities from the '60s have been wearing out or needing replaced such as in December 2009 when all pupils had to be sent home due to the heating failing. Plans were announced for the heating system to be the replaced though until then staff went round the classrooms each morning with thermometers checking the temperature.[36][37] In 2008 the interior of the school had to undergo an overhaul costing over £1.7m[38]

Head teachers[edit]

There have been ten head teachers of Lenzie Academy. For 125 years until 2011, the head teacher was referred to as Rector.

Head Teacher Start of office End of office Duration (years) Comments Sources
Alexander Buchanan M.A. 1886 1919 33 First head [39][40]
Peter Dawson 1919 1923 4 Second head
George Murray 1923 1935 12 Third head [41][42][43]
Charles Farquharson 1935 1946 11 Fourth head [41][44]
John Kerr 1946 1950 4 Fifth head
George Young 1950 1965 15 Sixth head [45]
James Hamilton 1965 1977 12 Seventh head
Colin M. Brown 1978 1997 19 Eighth Head [46]
Roderick J. McLelland 1997 2011 14 Ninth to hold the role. He entered early retirement on Friday 24 June 2011 after being in the position since May 1997 and Dr James R Melrose was acting head until the replacement was appointed. [4][47]
Brian Paterson 2011 Tenth head teacher and first to dispense with the term "rector". He was appointed and took up his post in September 2011 after serving as Head Teacher of the now closed Abronhill High School in nearby Cumbernauld. [1]

Notable people educated at Lenzie Academy[edit]

Academic Rankings[edit]

In 2014 the school was ranked 13.th in STV's league table of Scottish state schools.[65] This builds upon the 19th position achieved in 2013 and the 16th position achieved in 2012 based on the percentage of pupils obtaining 5 or more Highers at bands A-C. [66]

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