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Leo Galland
Born 1943 (age 73–74)
Alma mater  • Harvard University
 • New York University School of Medicine
Occupation Writer; physician

Leo Galland, MD (born 1943) is an internist and author of medical books including Superimmunity for Kids (1989), The Four Pillars of Healing (1997), Power Healing (1998) and The Fat Resistance Diet (2006). Based in New York City, Galland is a regular columnist for Huffington Post, writing about various issues in integrated medicine, and about the limitations of allopathic medicine.[1] He has been listed by Castle Connolly among America's Top Doctors.[2]

Early career[edit]

Galland earned a bachelor's degree at Harvard University then graduated in 1968 from New York University School of Medicine as a physician. His first residency was at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan where he worked in internal medicine from 1969 to 1972.[2]

He noticed that the methods used to help the critically ill were not effective in restoring health to the chronically ill. He read about how exercise was an important element of restoring health to the whole person, but he saw that such integrative medical treatments were not going to be entertained by the leaders of the academic medical center.[3] Galland left New York to practice medicine in a small town in Connecticut. He incorporated his practice in October 1979.[3]

Complementary and integrative medicine[edit]

In 1980–1981, Galland served a fellowship at the University of Connecticut Health Center.[2] He performed clinical research, finding that omega-3 essential fatty acid supplements significantly benefited a group of arthritis patients who could not accept the usual anti-inflammatory treatment because of drug intolerance.[3]

Lyme disease[edit]

To treat Lyme disease, Galland tailors his recommended regimen to meet each patient's needs. Among his options are injections of magnesium and vitamin B12. He may also recommend four inhalations of glutathione per day.[4] Galland appeared on screen in the documentary film The Punk Singer to explain how feminist punk icon Kathleen Hanna was affected by late-stage Lyme disease.[5] The documentary filmmaker Sini Anderson also consulted Galland for the treatment of her own Lyme disease.[6]


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