Leo Glavine

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Leo Glavine
MLA for Kings West
Assumed office
Preceded by Jon Carey
Personal details
Political party Liberal
Residence North Kingston, Nova Scotia
Occupation Teacher

Leo Glavine is a Canadian politician. He represents the electoral district of Kings West in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. He is a member of the Liberals.

Glavine worked for 30 years as a public school teacher and high school administrator. He is married and has three sons.

Political career[edit]

Glavine ran for the Liberal nomination in the riding of Kings West in 2003. He was elected in the 2003 provincial election[1] and subsequently re-elected in the 2006,[2] 2009[3] and 2013 provincial elections.[4]

On October 22, 2013, Glavine was appointed to the Executive Council of Nova Scotia where he serves as Minister of Health and Wellness, Minister of Seniors and the Chair of the Senior Citizens’ Secretariat.[5]


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