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Leo J. Shapiro & Associates
Type LLC

Market Research

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Founded 1955
Headquarters Chicago, IL

Leo J. Shapiro and Associates (LJS) is a privately owned market research firm that was founded in 1955 by Leo J. Shapiro. LJS maintains a central office in downtown Chicago, USA, with about 100 research professionals and staff members, as well as a network of global alliances to execute research nearly anywhere in the world. The firm’s reach extends to Europe, Asia, and Central and South America.


LJS is a quantitative market research firm that uses techniques including phone surveys, online studies and intercepts. LJS provides full-service qualitative research services such as focus group facilities, one-on-one interviewing and ethnography.

LJS began as a market research firm grounded in the principles of social science and behaviorism. Leo received his Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Chicago. In its first 20 years of operation, LJS helped pioneer many of the public-opinion survey and market research methods in common usage today.

Leo J. Shapiro & Associates is notable for creating The Stahler Inflation Pain Index,[1] a survey that interviews a national sample of 450 households for an assessment of their financial situation and standard of living.

LJS invests approximately 10% of its profits each year in research. This research includes regular polling of U.S. consumer attitudes and trends (National Poll), Hispanic research, the consumer in China, as well as research in the pharmaceutical and health care market.

The LJS National Poll has been tracking consumer trends and attitudes every month since January 1971. While each monthly poll provides a snapshot of American behavior and attitudes, the accumulated historical data helps to understand each of these snapshots in context. Tracked regularly are consumer spending and purchase intent for goods and services; household income, financial outlook, and job security; and attitudes toward inflation, savings, the stock market, and the President of the United States.


  • Retail Research and Consulting Services
  • Consumer Goods and Services
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • Restaurant and Food Service
  • Technology and E-Commerce
  • Private Equity and Due Diligence
  • Financial and Business Consulting
  • Evidentiary Research
  • Jury Research
  • International and Cross Cultural
  • Public, Social and Philanthropic
  • Trend and Public Opinion Research
  • C-Suite interviews with Fortune 1000 Executives
  • Top Federal, State and Local Government officials (appointed and elected)

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