Leo Johnson (Brookside)

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For the Twin Peaks character, see Leo Johnson (Twin Peaks).
Leo Johnson
Brookside character
Portrayed by Leeon Sawyer (1990-1996)
Steven Cole (1996-2001)
Duration 1990-2001
First appearance 26 March 1990
Last appearance 11 April 2001
Created by Phil Redmond
Classification Former; regular
Occupation police officer
Home London

Leo Johnson is a character in Channel 4 television soap opera Brookside. He was played by Leeon Sawyer when the character arrived on the Close in March 1990 until September 1996. Then, Steven Cole took over the role from December 1996 where his character stayed until his departure in April 2001.[1]

The Johnsons[edit]

The Johnsons are first introduced in 1989 when Terry Sullivan asks Mick Johnson to go into partnership with him in his taxi business. Mick moves in to the Close with son Leo and daughter Gemma in 1990 lodging with Harry Cross and then later renting their house from Harry when he moves to St Helens.[2]

For many years the stories revolved around Mick, his brother Ellis and cousin Jerome, while Leo and Gemma only played incidental roles.

Joining the police[edit]

In 2000 at the age of 18, Leo decided he wanted to join the police force, as Rod Corkhill had done at that age in 1987. His father Mick was proud of his sons career choice and Leo was accepted and got a place in police college in London.

Underage sex with Adele Murray[edit]

Before leaving for police college Leo attended a party held at the Murray's. Fifteen-year-old Adele had fancied Leo for some time. After he witnessed his girlfriend flirting with his neighbour Jimmy Corkhill, Leo started to drink heavily and then was seduced by Adele and the two had unprotected sex. Leo regretted having done so immediately and worried that if anyone were to find out it could compromise his career in the police.

Leo started dating Adele for a while then shortly afterwards, he finished with her. When Mick found a letter to Leo from Adele, he questioned his son and that's when he discovered that Leo and Adele had sex. Mick was furious and afterwards, told Leo that he should face up to his responsibilities. After realising however that this could end his career in the police he decided the best thing was for Leo to move to London as soon as possible. Shortly afterwards Leo left.

Adele's pregnancy and termination[edit]

Adele decided that she did not wish to continue with the pregnancy and decided to have an abortion. Her Catholic stepmother was opposed to this but her father, Marty supported this idea. Mick and Marty ended up fighting in the Close over the issue. When Mick told Leo however Leo was supportive and said he would bring-up the child and support Adele. Despite Leo's promise Adele was determined to go ahead with the abortion and went ahead and had a termination, later leaving the Close to attend the University of Leeds. Shortly afterwards Mick also left the close for London.


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