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Leo J. Volpe (1916–13 April 2000) was a draft resister and conscientious objector as a Jehovah's Witness during World War II.

In the Month of February 1940 Leo Volpe begin reading the first of a set of three books titled Vindication. The books were written by Joseph F. Rutherford of whom was later understood to be one of the Remnant of the heavenly class. Shortly after this he became a Jehovah's witness and studied with them for a year and a half.

In October 1943 he received his first command from Yahweh saying, "You must leave Jehovah's Witnesses, Move to the country, stay there by yourself, and I will teach you all about Jehovah's Witnesses; and afterward you will get back together in a way that will surprise them". Obediently he moved out to the country in Vineland, New Jersey. It was also at this time in 1944, that he left the Jehovah's Witnesses.

In 1945 he received his next vision from Yahweh and was told "You are a Prophet". In 1952 he was given the understanding of Revelation 13, but he did not yet have the understanding of the calculation of the 666. Through inspiration he realized that the king of iron (Russia, communism), and the king of clay (U.S.A., Capitalism ), spoken of in Daniel 2, would be the two nations that would combine to build the "abomination of desolation" the one world government. They would elect the Pope of Rome to be the temporal ruler. This One world government would only last for three and a half years,(Revelation 13:5). In 1964 he sat down and began to write out the elements of the beast spoken of in Revelation thirteen and came up with the calculation of the 666. The Revelation Thirteen article was put into print in 1965.

In 1973 he founded The Restored Israel of Yahweh, whose members believe that Volpe is the prophet Jeremiah resurrected, and which incorporates war tax resistance into its practices.[1] Volpe also taught that Yahshua the Messiah returned in a spiritual presence in April 1917, and began to rule creation for One Thousand Years. Now that the Messiah's second presence has arrived, the time has come for the return of the Ancient Worthies the prophets of Old to return as "Princes in all the earth" as visible representatives of Yahweh's Holy Kingdom to Israel and to all people of goodwill. The Purpose of the Messiah's Reign is to remove all enemies that plague the human race, and the last enemy to be destroyed will be death. Then the earth will once again be a paradise as it was in the days of the Garden of Eden. All obedient mankind will be restored to perfection on earth through the Kingdom of Yahweh.


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