Leofwine, Ealdorman of the Hwicce

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Leofwine was an ealdorman of the Hwicce in Mercia. While witnessing a charter in 997 with Æthelred the Unready he was mentioned as "Wicciarum Prouinciarum dux" (Ealdorman of Hwicce).[1]

Leofwine is known to have had at least four children. Northman was a retainer to Eadric Streona, he was killed at the orders of Cnut the Great, at London in 1017.[2] In 1039 Edwin, was ambushed in Wales and killed.[2] Leofric, was Earl of Mercia from about 1017, until his death in 1057, he was one of the most respected men in England serving four king's loyally, his power rivaled that of Godwin, Earl of Wessex. The most obscure of his son's was Godwine, he died some time before 1056.[3]


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