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Leon Kuhn (1954 – 2013 [1]) was an anti-war[2] political cartoonist[3] who created topical parodies in the United Kingdom and was listed as an initial supporter of Artists against the War.[4]

In 1968, when he was 14 years old, Leon won first place in the Sunday Observer's national political cartoon competition.[5] With Colin Gill in 2005 he co-authored the book Topple the Mighty "about knocking down statues of unpopular leaders".[6] The book's foreword was by George Galloway, who Kuhn helped during the United Kingdom general election, 2005.[6] Some of his work was used by Respect – The Unity Coalition from 2005 to 2008 and by the Stop the War Coalition from 2007 onwards.[7] His Statue of Liberty work was used in the film Children of Men.[8]

Selected works[edit]

  • Big Bang for Bureaucrats: Incorporating an Activist's Anti-nuclear Primer by Leon Kuhn (11 Nov 1983; Burning Issues Ltd; ISBN 978-0-9509045-0-4)
  • Statue of Liberty or how the rest of the world sees America. Postcard, 2004
  • Topple the Mighty by Leon Kuhn and Colin Gill. (2005, Friction; ISBN 978-0-9549507-4-3)
  • Off/On. Postcard, 2009


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