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Leon Yohai (born 31 January 1974) is a Greek entrepreneur. He is mostly known for founding a series of high profile .com ventures, including fleamarket.gr (later relaunched as emarket.gr) and zulutrade.com.



Leon started his career by cofounding InternetQ in 2000. InternetQ was among the first few mobile content firms globally to introduce premium SMS services with well-established telecom providers such as WIND, Vodafone and Cosmote. He steps off the company in 2003.[1]


While at InternetQ, Leon contributed in the launch of fleamarket.gr, the first Greek online auction portal in 1999, which exceeded $1 billion in cost of goods sold during the first 2 years of operation. Fleamarket.gr was later sold to Qmobile co-founder and business partner Alexi Faraco and renamed to emarket.gr.


In 2003 Leon co-founds Qmobile, with Alexi Faraco, a Reston, Virginia based mobile startup, that quickly gained 1 million subscribers. Qmobile was the first company to introduce premium SMS services, such as ringtones, in the US market, by a short code ordering.[2]


In 2007, Leon starts zulutrade.com, the first peer-to-peer forex autotrading network. As of July 2012, ZuluTrade has reported over $300 billion worth of transactions and it's connected with more than 64 different brokerage firms globally.

Personal interests[edit]

Leon enjoys paragliding, skiing, and go kart driving. He is also a big supporter and an early investor on the AirBike project.

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