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Dr. Leonard Bloom is a Sports and Entertainment owner and Real Estate Developer in California.

Leonard Bloom signs Wilt Chamberlain to the San Diego Conquistadors for a 3-year contract.


Owner- San Diego Conquistadors (American Basketball Association "ABA")[edit]

ABA / NBA Merger[edit]

The American Basketball Association (that later merged with the NBA) awarded Dr. Leonard Bloom the franchise to San Diego for an entry fee of $1 million. Leonard Bloom, President and CEO of United States Capital Corporation,[1] was the team's sole owner. Bloom named the team the San Diego Conquistadors.[2]

The ABA purchased the San Diego Conquistadors franchise from Dr. Bloom for an undisclosed amount to enable the ABA merger with the NBA. The Los Angeles Clippers originated from Dr. Bloom's San Diego Conquistadors.

Owner- Los Angeles Sharks (World Hockey Association "WHA")[edit]

WHA / NHL Merger[edit]

In addition to owning the San Diego Basketball franchise, Leonard Bloom also owned the Los Angeles Sharks Hockey Team in the WHA (World Hockey Association) that later merged with the NHL. The Sharks played all of their home hockey games at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. Dr. Bloom renovated the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena to accommodate his hockey team. The Los Angeles Sharks franchise later evolved to become the present day San Jose Sharks.

Co-Founder / Owner- World Team Tennis League (WTT)[edit]

Leonard Bloom was one of the original founders of World Team Tennis (WTT) with Billie Jean King and Dennis Murphy. Bloom was the founder / owner of the San Diego Swingers WTT franchise.

Sports & Entertainment Venues[edit]

Dr. Bloom has been the sole owner and operator of large, successful sports and entertainment facilities in San Francisco, San Diego, La Mesa and Fort Lauderdale.

NFL Stadium Consultant[edit]

Dr. Bloom also served as an advisor for the design, construction and operation of the following NFL stadiums:


Leonard Bloom owned & operated one of the largest and most profitable ticketing companies in the United States called Bass Tickets. Certain rights and locations were later purchased by Ticketmaster.


Leonard Bloom is the CEO and sole owner of Marquee Entertainment Corporation.[3] For many years, Leonard Bloom's Marquee Entertainment Corporation has contracted and in many cases managed the top entertainers in the country for performances in Bloom-owned venues and for national and international tours.[4]

Olympic Consultant[edit]

In 2006, Dr. Bloom was requested by the Chinese government and Olympic committee to be a consultant for the design, construction and operation of their Olympic venues for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.[5]

Real Estate[edit]

Dr. Bloom is also a successful real estate developer that owned, designed, constructed and operated large sports and entertainment facilities, as well as large residential, medical and commercial developments.


Dr. Leonard Bloom's career included professional licenses in dental, orthodontic and medical.