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Leonard Parker Moore (died January 1959[1]) was a literary agent.

A partner of Christy & Moore[2] and of the Lecture Agency, Ltd.,[3] his clients included George Orwell (from 1932 to 1950[1]), Gordon Campbell,[3] Mary Butts,[4] Georgette Heyer[5] (for nearly 30 years from 1922[6]), Carola Oman,[6] Marco Pallis,[6] Catherine Cookson,[6] Jane Mander,[7] Ruby M. Ayres,[8] Gareth Jones,[9] Wilfred Grenfell,[10] and Ruth Collie.[11]

Injured in the leg in the First World War,[3] Moore worked as a journalist before becoming a literary agent.[6] He was the brother of the novelist Henry Moore.[6]


It was in a letter to Moore, in November 1932, regarding the future publication of Down and Out in Paris and London, that Eric Blair first came up with the pseudonym "George Orwell".[1]

According to the historian Daniel J. Leab, some 500 of Orwell's letters to his agent have survived, of which nearly 100 were acquired by the Lilly Library in 1959.[12]


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