Leonardo Montaldo

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Leonardo Montaldo
Stemma di Genova.svg
9th Lifetime Doge of the Republic of Genoa
In office
7 April 1383 – 14 June 1384
Preceded by Federico di Pagana
Succeeded by Antoniotto Adorno
Personal details
Born 1319
Ceranesi, Liguria, Italy
Died 14 June 1384
Political party Popolani

Leonardo Montaldo or di Montaldo (1319 – 14 June 1384), politician and statesman who became the 7th doge of the Republic of Genoa.

Leonardo was born in San Martino di Paravanico, near modern-day Ceranesi in the Polcevera valley. His family was from Gavi. Little is known of his life before the dogate. He was elected by a commission despite the fact that a large share of the population supported Antoniotto Adorno. According to some sources, Montaldo had accepted to rule the Republic only for six months.

Once in office, like his predecessors, Montaldo tried to reorganize the Republic and in particular the fiscal system. But on June 11, 1384 it become clear that he had contracted the plague during an outbreak in the city and he died in Genoa three days later. Antoniotto Adorno was elected doge the next day.