Leonel Martiniano de Alencar, Baron of Alencar

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Leonel Martiniano de Alencar, Baron of Alencar (Fortaleza, December 5, 1832 – March 25, 1921)[1] was a Brazilian lawyer and diplomat, who served as the ambassador of Brazil in many occasions.[2] He was the son of famous politician José Martiniano Pereira de Alencar,[3] and the younger brother of famous novelist José de Alencar.[4]

Condecorated with the Military Order of Christ, the Order of Isabella the Catholic, the Order of the Rose and the Order of Christ, he was a member of the Brazilian Historic and Geographic Institute and received the title of Baron of Alencar in 1885,[5] in a post that would last until the proclamation of Republic in Brazil, in 1889, when all the titles of nobility in Brazil were abolished.