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Leonese Language Day (Día de la Llingua Llïonesa) is a celebration for promoting the Leonese language developed in the city of León, province of León, Spain. It was the result of a protocol signed between Leonese Provincial Government and the Cultural Association for Leonese Language El Fueyu.

Since 2007, it has been officially organised by the Lleón City Council with the collaboration of Leonese language associations.

Activities developed this day mixes traditional Leonese music with the exhibition of new works about Leonese language, mainly books in Leonese language and films.

I Leonese Language Day[edit]

Leonese Language Day started on June 10, 2006 and it was organisez by the Asociación Cultural de la Llingua Llïonesa El Fueyu with the collaboration of the Asociación Berciana en Defensa de la Llingua Llïonesa El Toralín, La Barda (Leonese language association from Salamanca) and Pro Monumenta. There were traditional Leonese musical actuations and the book in Leonese language "Cuentos del Sil" was presented this day, and several personalities from the cultural, university, politic Leonese world with young Leonese language students recited poems in Leonese language. It counted with the support of Leonese Provincial Government[1]

II Leonese Language Day[edit]

This second Leonese Language Day was celebrated on December 16, 2007, being organised by the Leonese City Council in collaboration with several linguistic and cultural leonese associations. A documentary was presented about the Leonese language called Asina falamos (We speak in this way) and a theatrical play Fuei a corteixar a Robles (He went to court to Robles), with traditional Leonese music.

III Leonese Language Day[edit]

The third edition, organised again by the Leonese City Council,[2] in collaboration with several linguistic associations, specially puntuLLI[3] that developed the technical media, being dedicated to Internet and the New Technologies. It was celebrated on December 30, developing several conferences and meetings about Leonese language.

IV Leonese Language Day[edit]

4th Leonese Language Day

The fourth edition, developed on June 21, 2009, was organized by the Leonese City Council, counted with writers like Luis Artigue, Xuasús González, Xairu Llópez, the sculptor Amancio or the singer Miguel Escanciano. The inaugural conference was developed by Abel Pardo. There were musical performers like Rodrigo Martínez (Pandetrave) and Banda de Gaitas Ciudá de Llión, and for the first time there were diplomas given to the students of Leonese language courses in the schools, the own schools and the adults from official Leonese language courses.[4]

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