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Leong Fee

Leong Fee (simplified Chinese: 梁辉; traditional Chinese: 梁輝; pinyin: Liáng Huī) is the Hakka name for Liang Pi Joo (1857–1912), a worker from Guangdong Province in China who emigrated to Malaya in 1876. He arrived in Penang and, half a year later, moved to Perak where he began to make his fortune in tin. He was a tin miner, businessman, a visiting Justice for Kinta (1892), the first Chinese Member of the Federal Legislative Council (1909)[1] a Penang state senator, a member of the Perak State Council, a Chinese Vice-Consul to Penang (1902 to 1908) and a philanthropist.[2] He married the daughter of millionaire-philanthropist Hsieh Yung-kuan, the Chinese Vice-Consul to Penang before him.[3] He was a member of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.[4]

In 1902 he opened a mine in Tambun. Renowned Malaysian businessman Leong Sin Nam once worked in his tin mine.[5] One year later Tambun held the world record for tin production.[6]

Leong Fee Mansion[edit]

Built on Leith Street around the 1900s as a personal residence, it now belongs to the Christian Brothers and has been leased to an art school, Akademi Seni Equator.[7]

Hakka Chinese Tin Miners Club[edit]

Leong Fee founded the club in Ipoh in 1893. His son, Leong Yin Khean alias Liang En-Chuen, continued to sponsor the lodge after his father's death in 1912 and eventually sold the house cheaply to the club.[3] He was a member of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.[4]


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