Leonhard von Spengel

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Leonhard von Spengel (24 September 1803, Munich – 8 November 1880, Munich) was a German classical scholar, born at Munich. He became known through his edition (1826) of Varro's De Lingua Latina and was appointed in 1826 lector, in 1830 professor in the Wilhelmsgymnasiun of Munich. From 1842 to 1847 he was professor at Heidelberg, but he returned to Munich. Among his publications were his edition of the Ars Rhetorica ad Alexandrum, which, following Petrus Victorinus, he attributed to Anaximenes of Lampsacus (1844), his edition of the Rhetoric of Aristotle (1867), and his text edition of the Rhetores Grœci (three volumes, 1853). His address Ueber das Studium der Rhetorik bei den Alten (1842) is a valuable outline sketch of the art of eloquence in classical times.