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Leonid Alekseyevich Amalrik (Russian: Леони́д Алексе́евич Амальри́к; 8 July 1905 in Moscow – 22 October 1997 in Moscow) was a Russian animator and animation director.

He was born on July 8, 1905 in Moscow. He graduated from the State college of cinema (now VGIK) in 1928. From 1926, he worked in Mezhrabpom-Rus studio (first as a scene painter assistant, and then as an animator). In 1936 he moved to the newly created Soyuzmultfilm studio. Initially he worked in a genre of politic satire, and then became keen on modern fairy tales (together with Vladimir Polkovnikov). The first cartoon that he directed himself was Arrow Flies into a Fairy Tale (Russian: Стрела улетает в сказку, Strela uletayet v skazku). His last was Terem-Teremok (Russian: Терем-теремок, 1971).

His wife Nadezhda Mikhailovna Privalova, an artist, worked with him on many of his cartoons.

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