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Leonid Mlechin
Leonid Mlechin.jpg
Born (1957-06-12)12 June 1957
Language Russian

Leonid Mlechin (born June 12, 1957,[1] Moscow) is a Soviet and Russian journalist, international observer, moderator of the "special file" of "TV Center", and two-time winner of Taffy (2007, 2009). A member of the Writers' Union (since 1986), and Russia. Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.


  • In 1979 - graduated from the International Department of the Faculty of Journalism.
  • From 1979-1993 - reporter, columnist international weekly magazine "Modern Times."
  • From 1993-1996 - Editor of the international department - deputy editor of the newspaper "Izvestia", a member of the editorial board.
  • Since 1994 - the host of the weekly program "De facto" on the channel "Russia".
  • In 1997 - the leading weekly news and journalistic program "The Whole World."
  • 1997-1999 - author and host of the weekly current affairs program "The whole world without borders."
  • From November 1997 - author and host of the weekly program "Late dinner."
  • In 1997 - the author of the weekly current affairs program "The Seventh Day" on TV TV Center.
  • From January 1998 - author and host of journalistic program "Special Folder".
  • From September 1999 - leading commentator and daily current affairs program "Events".
  • From July to December 2010 - the co-host of the "Court of time."
  • Regular contributor and member of the editorial board of the journal "New Time", by the "Expert."


  • Mother - Irina Mlechin (r. 1935), translator, doctor of philology.
  • Stepfather - Vitaly Syrokomsky (1929-2006), a Soviet journalist.



Author of many books, translated into English, Japanese, Spanish, Polish and other languages.

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  • Mlechin L.M. Shelepin. - 2009. - 389 c., Ill. - 3000 copies. - ISBN 978-5-235-03221-7.
  • Mlechin L.M. Why Stalin killed Trotsky. - M.: Tsentrpoligraf, 2010. - 351 p. ISBN 978-5-227-02270-7.
  • Mlechin L.M. Furtseva. - 2011.
  • Mlechin L.M. Munich 72: Bloody Olympics. - M.: "Yauza" "Eksmo" 2005.
  • Mlechin L.M. Putin, Bush and the war in Iraq. - M.: "Yauza" "Eksmo" 2005.
  • Mlechin L.M. Nazarbayev. Group portrait of the president. 2011.
  • Mlechin L.M. Lenin. Seduction Russia. - St.: Peter, 2012. - 432 c. - 3500 copies. - ISBN 978-5-459-00708-4.


  • Order of Friendship (16 November 2011) - for his contribution in the development of otechestvennogo Broadcasting and many years of fruitful activity.[2]
  • Medal of the Order "For Services to the Fatherland" II degree (June 27, 2007) - for outstanding contribution to the development of national television and long-term work[3]
  • Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation (14 August 2004) - for many years of fruitful work in the field of Culture, Media and Broadcasting.[4]
  • Winner of "Taffy-2007" in the "Written television program" ("Women who dreamed of power").[5]
  • Winner of "Taffy-2009" in the nomination "The best writer of the documentary television series" ("The heroes and victims of the Cold War").[6][7]


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