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Nechaev Leonid Alekseevich

Leonid Alexeyevich Nechayev (Russian: Леони́д Алексе́евич Неча́ев; 3 May 1939 – 24 January 2010) was a Russian children's film director.[1]


Nechayev's career as director was launched in 1974 with a film called The Adventure in a Town That Doesn't Exist. He was also the creator of the popular musical fairy tales About The Little Red Riding Hood and The Adventures of Buratino. He was a prolific director at the studio Belarusfilm, where he worked for 17 years and shot 10 films. The Minsk Museum of Cinema has a hall exclusively dedicated to his creative legacy.[1]


Nechayev died on January 24, 2010, aged 70, following a stroke.[1]


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