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Leonid Pasechnik
Леонид Иванович Пасечник
Леонід Іванович Пасічник
Леонид Пасечник 2016.png
Head of State of the Lugansk People's Republic
Assumed office
24 November 2017
Prime Minister Sergey Kozlov
Preceded by Igor Plotnitsky
Minister of Security Service
Assumed office
9 October 2014
President Himself
Preceded by post created
Personal details
Born (1970-03-15) 15 March 1970 (age 48)
Ukrainian SSR
Awards Medal For Military Service to Ukraine
Military service
Allegiance  Ukraine
 Lugansk People's Republic
Service/branch Flag of the Security Service of Ukraine.svg Security Service of Ukraine (SBU)
War Flag of Novorussia.svg United Armed Forces of Novorossiya
Years of service 2014–present
Rank Lieutenant Colonel (SBU)
Battles/wars War in Donbass

Leonid Ivanovich Pasechnik (Russian: Леонид Иванович Пасечник, Ukrainian: Леонід Іванович Пасічник; born 15 March 1970) is the acting leader of the self-proclaimed state Lugansk People's Republic who also performs the functions of a minister of State Security.[1][2][unreliable source?] Pasechnik declared his adherence to the Minsk accords, claiming "The republic will be consistently executing the obligations taken under these agreements."[3]


Pasechnik's father worked in law enforcement,[2] for the OBKhSS, for 26 years.[1][2] In 1975 the Pasechnik family moved to Magadan in the Russian Far East[2] where Pasechnik's father was associated with gold mine operations.[1]

Pasechnik graduated the Donetsk Military-Political College and worked for the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in Luhansk Oblast as a chief of a detachment combating contraband operations[2] and the chief of the Stakhanov district detachment.[1] On 15 August 2006 he became famous for intercepting large quantities of contraband at Izvaryne border checkpoint ($1.94 mln and 7.24 mln Russian rubles), at the same time refusing a bribe out of principle.[1][2]

In March 2007 SBU Lieutenant Colonel Pasechnik received from the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko a medal For Military Service to Ukraine, "for showing integrity and professionalism in the line of duty".[1]

In 2014 he sided with pro-Russian militants, becoming on 9 October 2014 a minister of State Security for the self-proclaimed state Lugnsk People's Republic (LPR).[1][2][unreliable source?]

On 21 November 2017, armed men in unmarked uniforms took up positions in the center of Luhansk in what appeared to be a power struggle between the head of the republic Igor Plotnitsky and the (sacked by Plotnitsky) LPR appointed interior minister Igor Kornet.[4][5] Three days later the website of the separatists stated that Plotnitsky had resigned "for health reasons. Multiple war wounds, the effects of blast injuries, took their toll."[6] The website stated that Pasechnik had been named acting leader "until the next elections."[6] Russian media reported that Plotnitsky had fled the unrecognised republic on 23 November 2017 to Russia.[7] On 25 November the 38-member separatist republic's People's Council unanimously approved Plotnitsky's resignation.[8] Pasechnik declared his adherence to the Minsk accords, claiming "The republic will be consistently executing the obligations taken under these agreements."[3] On 30 March 2018 Pasechnik stated "Our [LPR] experience can help all regions of Ukraine eventually gain freedom and independence, and then we can together declare a new Ukraine in which representatives of different nationalities and cultures will freely live."[9]

In August 2018, Leonid Pasechnik’s assistant, Andrei Grebenyuk, visited the Rovenkovsky brewery and announced that, by order of Leonid Pasechnik, the plant’s assets would be confiscated in favor of the

republican budget[10].

A. Grebenyuk also gave the director of the brewery a copy of Leonid Pasechnik's order No. 347 of August 17, 2018 on the establishment of a commission to study the economic activities of the enterprise and conduct numerous inspections[11].

Rovenkovsky brewery is a joint-stock company, a dynamically developing city enterprise of the city of Rovenky. The largest taxpayer of the Lugansk People's Republic[12].

The plant has more than a century of history, provides jobs and decent wages. Due to the overhaul in 1987-1989, the plant was able to survive in the 90s of the twentieth century.

In August 2014, the plant ceased operations within 3 months due to hostilities in Ukraine. The plant annually transfers more than 130 million rubles to the budget of the republic.The average salary of factory workers in 2017-2018 - 46 000-54 000 Russian rubles[13].

Today, the company's assets amount to more than 600 million Russian rubles in bank accounts. These funds, according to the decision of the labor collective, are planned to be spent on modernization and expansion of production[14].

On August 20, 2018, the brewery was closed by order of Leonid Pasechnik. More than 90 arrests and interrogations of plant workers were carried out. The plant manager is accused of money laundering, high wages and The plant manager is accused of money laundering, high wages and bribes from factory workers[15].

Plant director Gennady Izersky categorically denies his guilt and claims to justify[16].

The accusations of the investigative bodies of the Luhansk People's Republic are based on speculation - there is not a single fact of transferring any funds to the head of the brewery by the workers.

Such a legally unjustified decision and actions of the leadership of the republic was negatively perceived by the labor collective and shareholders of the enterprise. Termination of the enterprise deprives whole families of money for food and is the only source of income[17].

Due to the impossibility of exercising any protection of their rights, on September 13 of this year, factory workers and shareholders unanimously decided to openly appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to protect their rights and help the labor force in the fraternal Lugansk People’s Republic.

After wide coverage of the scandal in the media, Leonid Pasechnik said that there was no need to change the owners and nationalize the plant[18][19][20][21].

Despite the statements of Leonid Pasechnik, the work of the plant is blocked by the army. Law enforcement officers secretly inform the breeders that Leonid Pasechnik ordered to close the plant and confiscate 600 million rubles in the bank accounts of the plant in the republican budget[22][23][24].


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