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Leonid Veniaminovitch Volodarskiy
Leonid Volodarsky.jpg
Leonid Volodarskiy in 2011
Born (1950-05-20) May 20, 1950 (age 67)
Occupation radio show anchor
Known for Russian translator and a writer

Leonid Veniaminovitch Volodarskiy (Russian: Леони́д Вениами́нович Волода́рский, born on May 20, 1950, Moscow), Russian translator, writer and weekly radio show author.[1]


Graduated from Maurice Thorez Moscow State Institute of Foreign Languages (Linguistics Institute). Worked in the Africa Institute of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Institute of International Workers Movement of AS USSR.

First translator of Stephen King books into Russian.

Popularity grown by his videofilms translations, because of his characteristical voice features.

Author of the political detective novel "Snow from Central America" and some other writings. Author and an anchor of ten TV-series about Soviet Intelligence "Razvedka" of 1920-1930 named "Razvedka, as not known by the general public"

One-voice translator of Six Feet Under (Russian: Клиент всегда мёртв, The customer is always dead in Russian) TV series.

Author and anchor of radio show "Right for a rest" and "Once on a Rain" for Silver Rain FM-radio channel. [1], [2]

Leonid Volodarskiy about his voice[edit]

I'm not interested in my voice at all. Back in time I was a film translator and so, now I'm recognized primary by voice, constantly asked about a clothespin on my nose. I don't like it. I'm not an opera singer and my voice is not in a slightest bit related to my individuality. They say it's a kind of history?.. Well, OK. But I live at present.

— Leonid Volodarskiy[citation needed]

Dmitry Puchkov's parody[edit]

Dmitry Puchkov, known in Russia as «Goblin» parodied Volodarskiy's voice in his humorous dub Star Wars: Storm in the Glass. In it, the robot-chatterbird C-3PO with a voice similar to Volodarskiy introduces himself as a Megatranslator, who made more than a thousand dubs.


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