Leonor Rodríguez de Castro

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Leonor Rodríguez de Castro
Died 1275
Santa Olalla
Burial Convent of San Felices de Amaya
Spouse Infante Philip of Castile
House House of Castro
Father Rodrigo Ponce de Castro
Mother Leonor González de Lara
Religion Roman Catholicism

Leonor Rodríguez de Castro (died after 20 December 1275) was an infanta of the Kingdom of Castile as the second wife of Philip of Castile.[1]


Her parents were Rodrigo Fernández de Castro, Lord of Cigales, Mucientes, and Santa Olalla and Leonor González de Lara.[1][2] She was buried in the Convent of San Felices de Amaya, a convent of the Order of Calatrava, currently in a state of ruin, in the province of Burgos,[2] where her only son is also buried.

Marriage and children[edit]

In 1269, she married Philip of Castile, brother of King Alfonso X, who died in 1274, one year before Leonor.[1] They were the parents of:


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