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Leonora is a village in Essequibo Islands-West Demerara (Region 3), one of Guyana's 10 regions. Its subdivisions are Pasture, Sea Field, Para Field, Groenveldt and Sea Spray. The neighboring villages are Anna Catherina and Uitvlugt. Leonora encompasses an area of about 13 square kilometres (5 sq mi), once part of the Parish of St. Luke. It stretches from Edinburgh in the east to Stewartville in the west, and from the Atlantic Ocean in the north, to the south as far as the West Demerara Water Conservancy.[1]

Leonora was named after the historical 7,942 acre Leonora sugar plantation, which operated from before 1789[2] until the Leonora Estate sugar factory was closed down in December 1986.[1][3]


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Coordinates: 6°52′19″N 58°17′21″W / 6.87194°N 58.28904°W / 6.87194; -58.28904